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What will the solar farm look like?

The site consists of solar panels mounted on a tracker framing system. They would typically be mounted 2 in portrait with a gap of around 800mm at the front edge to allow sheep to freely move around. The back height would likely be around 3m high.

The proposed PV panels will be dark in colour and incorporate an anti-reflective coating to maximise the light capture of solar cells. As such they have a low level of reflection when compared to surfaces such as glass or water.

Where will you be able to see it from?

Currently the site is well screened by wooded areas, hedgerows and trees. As part of the scheme we are proposing to infill any gaps in the hedgerows and trees with additional planting. This will likely be done well in advance of construction.

Visual representations to show how much of the solar farm may be visible from a number of viewpoints agreed in conjunction with North Lincolnshire Council can be downloaded below.